Wakefield Residential is a premier Build-To-Rent and Multifamily development company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia offering rental opportunities up and down the Eastern seaboard and in the Mid-Atlantic regions. While the company itself may be new, we are an experienced team that has been expertly providing land acquisition, quality construction development and leasing services for decades. As opportunities for vertically integrated development companies increased we decided to form Wakefield Residential. We are proud to be at the forefront of this rapidly-growing segment where residents choose to rent luxury apartments or single-family homes with exceptional and highly-amenitized community settings. Whether in total or in part, Wakefield Residential is the ideal partner for the Build-To-Rent and Multifamily segment. Our team is always prepared to provide the latest insights into rental trends and ready to help our partners make the best transaction decisions.


Wakefield Residential is pleased to provide an extensive portfolio of Single-Family Rental communities and traditional Multi-Family Apartment communities in the Coastal South Carolina, Raleigh/Triangle North Carolina, Florida, and Coastal Virginia markets. Partnering with the most qualified and experienced vendors, we take pride in every community we present. Our desire is for every rental property to provide a lifestyle-enhancing experience for residents of all ages. We are always looking for opportunities in any market or region to continue our goal of providing superior rental communities, so if you have a piece of property or are interested in partnering with us, reach out and let’s begin the discussion!